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The Promethean Observations - eBook
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The Promethean Observations - eBook

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There is power in words, the power to strike at the heart of our deepest visions. When combined with the imagination, they serve as technology to organize the mental plane. Multiple worlds. Vast emotions. With words we create worlds, from the mind to the world of matter.

This work is a compilation of my latest observations. I keep a small notebook with me and write down what emerges from the sea of thought. The café and park are ideal locations to put the pen to the paper, but they could emerge anywhere. Some of these thoughts I’ve worked with for some years, constantly refining, sharpening before putting them on a page. Those needed to be tested in the world for confirmation. Other times, the insight touches me spontaneously combined with the force to ground them into words. Sometimes I write one word down to sum up an entire concept, or I may put down a sentence or mind map.

Feeling uncomfortable or an urge to nod in confirmation, both experiences will be evidence that you connect to them. They provide the fire, as Prometheus did when he stole the element fire and shared it with humanity. They provide the flashlight, the arrow, the pointer of attention for consciousness to focus. But they cannot make you move to the next stage, which is manifesting from your inner fire. That is your responsibility as a student in this world classroom we call life.

May these words ripen your desire to awaken inner power.

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