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Gentlemancraft: A Dialogue on Mindset & Purpose - eBook
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Gentlemancraft: A Dialogue on Mindset & Purpose - eBook

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The niceties commonly associated with being a gentleman are but one level of expression. This is just the surface level and they can appear mechanical or natural given the man’s personal development. And here exists the missing piece, the Philosopher’s Stone of gentleman-hood: personal development.

This eBook is part-guidebook and part-development, written in a dialogue format for understanding through conversation. The two characters, Gentleman X and Paul Wise, engage in discussion centered on two aspects necessary to understand and embody: mindset and purpose.

The knowledge in this eBook, if applied with strict focus on your own growth, will inevitably create a charisma and presence that will cause women to gravitate towards you. No techniques, just existing as the best version of yourself.

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